Monday, August 9, 2010

Elevator Quotes

So, we have decided to chronicle some of the funniest things we've heard on the elevator going to court. Please enjoy:

Sheriff's Deputy 1: Man, I hope they didn't tow our car!
Deputy 2: Yeah, then we'd have to take the subway back to Long Beach for the rest of our work day.
Deputy 1 (to Anya and Ashley): Did you guys drive here? Do you have a car? Are you going to Long Beach?
Ashley: No, we took the subway.
Deputy 2 (The 6’5’’, 220 lb. man with a gun and awesome tattoos): Was it scary?


Random Press Guy 1: "These elevators are about the only thing slower than the criminal justice system."
Everyone Else In The Elevator: *General chuckles, snickers, and murmurs of agreement*
Random Press Guy 1: Speaking of, you know, the legal system is like a constipated elephant. Nothing happens for months, then suddenly there's a huge pile of crap that nobody wants to deal with.
Everyone Else In The Elevator: *Dies of laughter*
Random Press Guy 2: You . . . really have a way with words, man!

That's all for now, but we will be going into court this week too so hopefully we'll have some more quotes for ya'll.

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