About Us / Introduction

Hi everyone! We're Ashley and Anya (or Double-A, if you'd prefer :D) and this is our blog. It started out as an experiment after we showed our economics teacher a conversation we had about healthcare. He suggested we start a blog about political issues, since it's something we're both very passionate about. Our goal is to be a kind of Huffington Post/Daily Beast for the younger generation, since both of us are still teenagers. We want to bring more awareness about the very political choices we will have to make in the not-so-far future, while still keeping politics fun and doing our best to dispel the stereotype of a politician or political commentator as a forty-something old guy in a business suit. Politics is about the future leaders of America. It's about us, and you, and all your friends who will be voting in the next few years.

To keep things less confusing, Ashley will be posting in red, and Anya will be posting in blue. Posts written jointly will be in neutral black. Our posts will range in format from debates, to editorials, to news summaries and more. We're one Republican (or, as she occasionally puts it, "one conservative-leaning Libertarian) and one Democrat (or, as she occasionally puts it, "one Independent Socialist Green") here, so we'd like to think that we balance each other out and provide a relatively wide-ranging and ultimately non-biased blog. We hope you enjoy our blog, and feedback is always welcome!

So, about us. Ash is the one who sticks her nose into 400 articles before she writes a word, Anya is the one who makes up posts on the fly in religion class and finds articles for support later (but she does research before writing sometimes, too, promise!). Ash is the history nerd, Anya is the computer geek and handles all the technical bits. We're both recent high school graduates looking forward to college, jury duty, train rides to random places, and the twists and turns of a life in politics and law.  Anya's going off to Wellesley in the fall, and Ash is staying in California and going to SMC for a semester before transferring to USC (So if you suddenly see a whole bunch of Massachusetts-politics-related posts, blame Anya! :P)