Sunday, July 4, 2010

Supreme Court's Decision on McDonald v. Chicago

The decision and opinion for McDonald v. Chicago recently came out before the Court closed for the summer session. The Court sided 5-4 with the petitioner's (McDonald et al). The fun thing about moot court is seeing how your justices decided vs. the actual Court so that's why I thought I'd follow through with bringing out the decision.

This means the Court has decided to incorporate (make binding on the states) the Second Amendment via the Fourteenth Amendment (which is used to incorporate). So now states can't make laws that ban guns (like handguns in the case of Chicago), but there probably will be some regulation power used by the states. All in all, this is a really important case and some things will be changing.

To read more about the case and to get the majority opinion written by Justice Alito go here.
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