Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Primary Tuesday: Anya

While Ashley was off enjoying her newfound power to vote, I assigned myself a more difficult task: convincing our friend “Politics is the stupidest thing on the planet” Taya that she needed to register to vote -- preferably, to vote for the candidate I liked.  So I found her on AIM:

for me
consider it my vote
Taya:  I'm not voting...
Anya:  not even for me??????
Taya:  Sorry.
I don't want to register to vote if I don't know what I'm voting for.
Anya:  so read her website a little
or let me tell you
Taya:  I don't like politics...
Anya:  yeah but ........ she's your senator too!
Taya:  I know...
Anya:  don't you care about your LIFE?
Taya:  Of course I care about my life.
Anya:  well, who your senator is directly impacts your life
taxes, education, air quality, etc
Taya:  How?
Anya:  well without some of boxer's legislation the bush administration would’ve weakened the power the epa & groups like that would have to regulate the amount of arsenic in drinking water
don't you like not being poisoned?
Taya:  Jesus Christ, okay, I'll vote.
How do I register? >>
here you go :
Taya:  Yeah, yeah, whatever.

So, all right, maybe she just agreed to register because I’ve been hounding her about this since the 2008 election, way before she ever turned 18.  But now, I can say proudly that she is a registered Libertarian (well, once I cleared up the whole ‘yes, sweetie, Libertarians can vote for Democrats’ thing).  While I may not be old enough to vote, I convinced someone else to vote.  In my own small way, I helped further democracy . . . that is so cool to say! :)  Happy election night!

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